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Why Us »
Why more and more people see reasons for selecting as their web hosting solution provider. 

Reason Could be:
» Better Connectivity to the Internet Backbone through OC3 connection.
» Separate Mail Server
» Better Server Hardware and Software
» Better Support
» Complete Solution
Better Connectivity to the Internet Backbone (OC3):

Our Servers are connected to the Internet backbone with 13 GBPS of bandwidth, multimegabit lighwave backbone. Moreover server farm is connected in such a way that people from India as well as outside India can access your web site easily and speedily.

We have Separate Mail Server:

We have specially allocated separate mail server so mail traffic does not hamper your web traffic. 

Better Server Hardware and Software:

Unlike other hosting companies, who use cheap hardware to minimize the cost, we have put latest one -
» 1 GHz Dual Processor
» With 2 GB RAM
» SCSI Hard Disc with Hardware RAID
» Tape Drive Backups
» UPS power back-up
» State-of-the-art smoke detection Fire suppression system
» Automated daily and weekly backups

Better Support:

Though our Servers stays online 24x7, we provide 24x7 email support so in case any thing goes wrong, or you have some urgent question you can reach us easily. We have experts and best brains in the software which are available on the servers so any and all of your queries can be answered.

Complete Solution:

We are not just the Web Hosting company but active web developers and complete solution provider for web based solutions. So whether you are reseller, web developer or end user we understand your needs and provide all assistance in designing and developing.
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